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Fabulous avacado tempura and crab fritters. Huge Cesar salad. Paul, our waiter was terrific. I highly recommend this restaurant with alfresco starting and a great bar.
We wandered into Flight 19, late yesterday afternoon. They have a great bar, Al fresco dining and a cozy indoor dining space. The crab fritters and tempora avacodo we’re delicious. The Cesar salad was more than enough for two. Our waiter, Paul couldn’t have been more pleasant. Check it out, it’s a fabulous new restaurant on Las Olas Blvd.
Tiffany is the best server ever!
The food was absolutely delicious! The burger was great and so was the shrimp and grits. The service was great too. The spretzel was to die for.
All around amazing, food soooooo good wine desert n staff. Soo happy n love this new gem can’t wait to have another date night to go back.
Just found this amazing place. Had a date night with my now hubby n my best friend I call my wife. Was going out to try a new place n found this one. Can't say anything bad. Had the Caesar salad was good n fried avocado for a starter it has a sweet hot sauce n I don't to spice but it was a Great mix. For my dinner had skirt stake it was like butter melted in my mouth it came with a caret sweet mash thing that was soooo good. My wife had grits n shrimp collie flower thing was sooo amazing truly recommend waitress was nice n help full. She recommended the key lime pie n I was happy she did even tho we really couldn't eat any more it was like when I lived in key west n had key lime pie soo good. Took me back. Truly great place will b back. New gem will b going back. If u r looking for great fresh food it's the place
Delicious cocktails and professional and friendly wait staff. I stopped in because the aesthetic appealed to me. I was just going to have a drink, but the patron next to me ordered the pork tenderloin and it looked so good I had to try it. The chef/owner came out to ask how my meal was. He was very genuine and I appreciated the personal attention. I'm here for a week and will definitely be coming back.
Great location!! Fun new restaurant on Las Olas!! Give it a try!!
We spend a wonderful afternoon at this new aviation-themed restaurant. The menu was amazing (must try the avocado tempura and the bacon flight!!), the craft cocktails and beer were delicious as well. What we liked best was the family friendly, warm atmosphere. Kids had a blast creating paper airplanes and loved their food too! We will definitely be back and highly recommend for an afternoon of football or an evening out!
Love it all. Great food and service was excellent!
We were in Fort Lauderdale from out of town and stopped into Flight 19 for dinner. Overall we really enjoyed our meal. We especially loved the blackened mahi - we swapped out the seasonal veggies for the string beans and loved those as well. Our kale and quinoa salad was also good. The owner came over and greeted us - and everyone who worked there was super nice. The hostess out front was very welcoming and sweet. They're just about 2 weeks old - so I think they could smooth over a few things. First, our pretzel appetizer, while good, was a bit burnt. Second, I always think it's nice when servers know at least a bit about the wines available - if not, probably not a great response to say 'I don't know anything about wine.' But, these were just minor things that I'm confident we'll be fixed up as they get into the swing of things.
I am always watching for new places in Fort Lauderdale. I pass by every day walking my dog. I saw Trata close down and the Flight 19 banner go up. We went the night of Christmas on Las Olas. We were able to snag a great table on their patio. It's a small location but has an upscale vibe and a giant bar so it's easy to just come in and grab a drink. The waitress we had was so attentive, I was almost surprised she was able to help the other tables. We started with a glass of house Cabernet. From there I ordered the pork tenderloin and my bf got the fish of the day (mahi). I cannot say enough good things about the pork tenderloin and the sweet potato and carrot mash on the side. It was so good that I was sad when I finished the last bite. The mahi was just fine. It was blackened. Nothing out of the ordinary. I would say the broccoli that came with it was a little underdone, so much so that it was hard to stab with a fork. But as you can see, I give this place a glowing review and the pricing is reasonable. I really hope that the place continues to do as well as it day last night because I want them to be around for a long while.
Let me set the scene. The restaurant is right off Las Olas and has a cozy covered patio area and separate bar and dining areas inside. The seats are comfortable (I don't usually comment on seats but these were nice) and the space provided between tables is well enough away you don't feel crowded and aren't talking over the table next to you. I point this out because restaurants in this area cram too much into their space that it becomes very unpleasant experience. It was not like that at all here. The light inside the restaurant is easy on the eyes. Your not going to have to take your phone out to read the menu. The feel is upscale and clean. The music is melodic and not deafening, you can easily have a conversation. The bar had beer on tap and I saw a whole list of specialty drinks I will be coming back to try. There are no table clothes but there are clothe napkins. They only use steel straws and let you keep it after the meal. I was told you get a free non-alcoholic drink when you bring it back for your next visit. I ordered the double chorizo burger and subbed out the fries for broccoli. Our waitress was very attentive and kept our drinks full and asked how are food was after the meal came out. I felt very taken care of. The entree did not take much time at all. It came out perfectly done. It wasn't soft and wasn't hard to chew or chewy at all. The pepper jack cheese is ample and melted over the burger. The bun tasted like a soft brioche and had some type of spicy creamy sauce that blended well with the burger and cheese. The broccoli came out firm to the bite which is preferred to the alternative of overcooked or mushy veggies. It was nice the waitress told me what the seasonal vegetable was when I ordered. Otherwise I could have gotten something I did not want. The burger filled me up and I am a larger than average guy and have a big appetite to begin with. The food is priced well for its flare. If it were just a typical burger than yes I would see the price and turn away. I am glad I took a chance on Flight 19. The other two gentlemen I came with enjoyed their meals as well, the BLT looked insane with its specialty thick flavored bacon and my other buddy got the same thing I did (double chorizo burger). I will be back. I would recommend this restaurant for a date or nice dinner or even casual with friends. It walks a line easily between the two. I look forward to trying their take on the Skirt Steak next time I come.